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19 min video on SALE for just $14.99 for a LIMITED time!

Clip Includes: Wonder Woman Parody, Superheroines, SFX, The Wizard, Magic Control, Woman Following Orders, Freeze, Body Pans, Limb manipulation, Clothes Zapping, ENF, Embarrassment, Cosplay, Perils, Costume, De-booted, Pantyhose, Tit Play, Big Tits, Full Bush, Ludella Hahn; Contains FULL NUDITY - An AR Tiste Collaboration

Diana Prince receives a call in search of Wonder Hahn. The Wizard is up to his old tricks and someone needs to stop him. After transforming into Wonder Hahn, she boards her invisible jet to track down that dreadful Wizard.
When she arrives, the Wizard isn't put off at all. In fact, he even cracks jokes at her expense, in regards to her being female, which she does not take lightly. Before she has a chance to bring him to justice, he casts a spell that freezes her legs in place. She can move her top half, but her feet stay firmly planted. "Why can't I move?" She demands, but he simply increases the freezing power so that it travels further up her body. Now her upper half is freezing and she watches in horror as the Wizard manipulates her limbs, before freezing her completely like a doll. She stares blankly ahead, unblinking.
This Wonder Hahn doll is very special though as it still obeys orders from the Wizard even in its frozen state. The Wizard pulls down her armor to reveal her big tits and with the wave of his wand he makes her play with her nipples. She entirely frozen except for the fingers pinching and playing with her nipples, which he of course gets great joy from witnessing.

He decides he has a bit of time for a little fun, so he makes her clothes disappear one by one until she's completely naked (outside of her tiara and gauntlets...as he wants to make sure she's still recognizable for his master plan). Once she's naked, he poses her into different humiliating positions, bending her over and jiggling her big butt, manipulating her to dance before turning her into a doggy style foot rest. He poses her to beg and to assume the submissive kneel before he wakes her from his spell to find herself completely NAKED....and humiliated.... BUT, it's not as humiliating to be naked in front of him alone as it is in front of a massive crowd, so to put the icing on the cake he transports her into the middle of a football field for HALFTIME! She's utterly horrified and embarrassed beyond belief as the announcer makes her presence aware to THOUSANDS in attendence--not to mention everyone watching from home!
She squirms and tries to hide herself, but she can be seen from all angles. She finally runs to a yardline sign to cover her front parts she she can think of a plan. "I can't exactly take my INVISIBLE jet out of this one...maybe I should just run for it...?' She ponders, but a football knocks down the sign, leaving her vulnerable again....and that's when the papparazi jumps all over this rare opportunity to have Wonder Hahn BARE it all. Their cameras flash to capture the face of Wonder Hahn's Halftime Humiliation.

*Create your own custom video clip by filling out the form at LudellaHahnFetish.com

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This clip is available in multiple formats and resolutions:
MP4 HD 1280x720 - More Soon!
<![CDATA[Holiday Charity Promotion 2016]]>Mon, 14 Nov 2016 18:10:55 GMThttp://ludellahahnfetish.com/blog/november-14th-2016
Hiya Pals,

First of all, I must greatly apologize for my major lack of inactivity on all social media during the very long process of house hunting, then moving, and now unpacking/decorating that has occurred in the midst of all sorts of travel, leaving me very little time for internet things, and even keeping up with my work. I am almost fully settled in and set up and shall be resuming a regular shoot and video update schedule this week, so yay!

But the reason I'm writing here is because this is the time of year that is very happy for some, and very sad for others, and I want to do what I can to make it a bit better for those in need and would love your help in doing so. Thus, I am going to be sponsoring a promotion so that we can work together to donate items to a charity for children in crisis. These kids are taken out of bad situations and usually have no items of their own when they are placed into temporary care. MyStuffBags puts together bags so that these kids can have some items of comfort during a traumatizing time--things they can call their own and that will make them feel warmth and love. It is so so important for a child to feel loved and I want to do what I can to help with that this holiday season. Will you help?

I will be adding items to my Amazon Wishlist to be donated to this wonderful charity: blankets, patches to add a bit of love to the blankets, stuffed animals, small games, and books of hope. All these items will be marked "Charity Promotion." And for every $15 worth of items you donate, you will have a choice between: 

a 1-of-a-kind signed Instax print/gift note sent via snail mail
a digital download of an exclusive video filmed for this promotion

To claim your "Thank You" gift for your contribution to this cause, please include your snail mail and/or email address (pending on which gift you want) on the gift note when you order the items from the wishlist. Please be sure the gift note is attached to ALL items or forward me your Amazon receipt via email to booking@ludellahahn.com so I can verify your donation and send you your Thank You gift.

OR...if you prefer, you can just order the Holiday  Instax from MY STORE. All proceeds will go toward items for the MyStuffBags.org charity.

I will be filming a live video on Facebook of me packing up the box to ship out on  Friday Dec 15 and will give shout-outs to everyone who contributed.

Thank you so much for your help in sending some love to those in need. You truly rock.


<![CDATA[First Ever Calendar ]]>Thu, 17 Sep 2015 21:18:45 GMThttp://ludellahahnfetish.com/blog/first-ever-calendarI'm pleased to announce that I am releasing my first ever calendar! I had been holding off on one for a while, but due to popular request, I decided to do one for 2016. :)

It includes never-before-seen images shot just for this calendar (as well as a couple of fan favorites that have never been available for purchase before). PLUS...as a little bonus thank you for my supportive fans, every calendar comes with an 11 x 17" Pull-out Poster of my Boudoir Jessica Rabbit photo, shot exclusively for this calendar. So it's kind of like you get twelve 8.5 x 11 prints and a poster for one low price...and you get to spend a whole year with me. :)

You can buy your autographed copy in my SHOP. Personalization is available upon request! 

Thank you so much! xoxo, Ludella
<![CDATA[Fetish Con 2015 Photos & Recap]]>Mon, 31 Aug 2015 22:41:49 GMThttp://ludellahahnfetish.com/blog/fetish-con-2015-photos-recapThis year was my favorite Fetish Con yet! :) I really want to thank Genesis, Mike, & Vesta for having me as a Guest of Honor this year. It truly was an honor, and I greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet new fans and see old friends at my booth. I had a wonderful time and I really appreciate their hard work (as well as that of the staff)  in making this year's Fetcon so great. The new location was beautiful in downtown St. Petersburg, and I'm so happy I got to spend more time with our big fetish family this year. :)
Normally I have a habit of booking myself solid and don't get to see anyone unless I'm shooting with them, so this year was a nice change getting to spend the weekend at my booth in the company of Star Nine and Addie Juniper (who were in the booths next to me) and getting to see friends and fans alike. I dressed as 3 of my more popular cosplay characters: my Black Widow Playboy Bunny mash-up (featuring corset and hosiery by What Katie Did), my DC Bombshells Harley Quinn, and of course Velma from Scooby Doo.
Another part that made this year so great was getting to spend time at Caliente Resort beforehand with Scott Church, Josie Lopez, Savvy Blair, Nyssa Nevers, Amanda Fox, and my roomie Nyxon. I got to relax a little and model for some pretty pictures before jumping into Fetcon. I'm also very excited about all the new content I was able to film on this trip, too, so hooray for more videos! :) I've already posted a couple. Check them out at Clips4Sale.com/36032 and Clips4Sale.com/22364.

Okay...I'll get to the photos now...  Just click one to open up the lightbox and go through them all. Captions on the bottom of each. Enjoy! ;)
Evan took better photos of course, so I will have to do another post with better shots from the Showdown eventually, but I hope you enjoy these little phone photos in the meantime. I'll also be posting the shots I modeled for here soon, too! ;)

Thanks so much for reading! And I hope you'll consider checking out Fetish Con and Scott Church's workshops at Caliente Resort (I'll be modeling at the one in February!)

<![CDATA[Clip Update: Velma & The Case of the Clothes-Stealing Ghost]]>Mon, 18 May 2015 18:32:57 GMThttp://ludellahahnfetish.com/blog/clip-update-velma-the-case-of-the-clothes-stealing-ghost
Video Update: Velma and the Case of the Clothes-Stealing Ghost

**Note: Shortened GIF and screencaps above treat you to a low-res teaser; Extended GIF and Full Clip at clips4sale.com/36032. Download the full scene for an HD quality virtual experience. 

On SALE for just $16.99 for a LIMITED time! Clip Includes: ENF, Embarrassed Nude Female, Velma Parody, Scooby Doo Parody, Special FX, Ghost, Clothes Stealing, Aliens & Monsters, POV, Humor, Humiliation, Magic Control, Erotic Magic, Stripping, Embarrassment, ENF, Curvy, Cosplay, Natural Bush, Hairy Bush, Knee High Socks, Glasses, Supernatural, Ludella Hahn, FULL NUDITY

Velma snoops around the supposedly haunted house all on her own, thinking she'll crack the case before the gang gets there. There's something fishy going on, and logically there really isn't a ghost behind it. Velma thinks it's a front to keep people from getting too close to whatever illegal operation is going on. While she's snooping around though, someone (or something) is watching her. Soon her clothes begin to DISAPPEAR one by one with a GHOSTLY poof. Velma is too busy trying to follow the clues to notice. She finds an envelope marked "Confidential" hidden in a drawer. "Jinkies! I think I just found the evidence we need to solve this case!" She's almost completely naked at this point. She doesn't actually notice her clothes are missing until she's down to her panties. And then of course she tries to break it down. "There has to be a reasonable explanation for this. My clothes wouldn't just disappear, and I'm the only one in the room. Hmmm...well, at least I still have my underpants. I can find the rest of my clothes before the gang arrives." Suddenly a gust swoops her into a spin and her PANTIES VANISH. She's suddenly BUTT NAKED. She swoops up the envelope trying to hide behind it while she tries to figure out what's going on, but it's too small to cover everything. Either her BIG TITS show or her FULL BUSH shows. Then a GHOST appears! "G-G-G-GHOST!" She yelps, pushing back against the wall. "But, that can't really be a ghost...no, it has to be a trick of the light or some kind of contraption." But then a POOF comes and takes her glasses. Gasp! "My glasses! Oh no! I can't see anything without my glasses!" She completely forgets about being FULLY NUDE and begins crawling around on the floor reaching around in front of her to find her glasses in a unaware DOGGY STYLE position. "They've got to be around here somewhere! I need to find my glasses so I can find my clothes!" Little does she know that the gang is starting to arrive. Shaggy (POV) opens the door at the bottom of the stairs and finds a trail of Velma's clothes leading to wear she is in the order that that came off in: sweater, skirt, socks, bra, and panties (which Shaggy pockets), like the ghost left a little treasure trail leading to the naked prize Velma. Velma finally finds her glasses just as Shaggy enters the room. She puts them on with joyous relief only to glance over and see Shaggy standing there. She gasps and tries to cover herself, grabbing onto the envelope and trying to hide behind it. But again, she has the problem of the envelope being too small to cover everything, so she moves and wiggles this way and that trying to keep herself covered, but it's not working so well. The whole gang is there and she's NAKED...how EMBARRASSING! She tries to explain what happened, but she sounds crazy. While trying to hide behind the envelope, she pulls out the documents inside to try to redeem herself from this humiliating situation to show them the evidence she found, but then she drops all the papers on the floor. She drops to her knees to pick them up, becoming aware that she's now FULLY EXPOSED herself to them and she quickly tries to collect everything to hide herself again. "Will someone please find my clothes?" She's completely embarrassed as she continues to try to hide behind the documents, finally she tells them all to wrap up this case while she wraps up the case of her MISSING CLOTHES. With her front facing the wall and the "confidential" envelope not quite hiding her BIG BUTT, she sidesteps her way out of the room...completely embarrassed and humiliated...

*This clip was a CUSTOM COMMISSION. Create your own custom clip! Details on my CUSTOMS page.

This clip is available in multiple formats and resolutions:
MP4 HD 1280x720 - MOV HD 1280x720 - WMV HD 1280x720 - More Soon!

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<![CDATA[Video Update: Corset Hosiery Tease]]>Wed, 13 May 2015 01:59:55 GMThttp://ludellahahnfetish.com/blog/video-update-corset-hosiery-tease
Video Update: Corset Hosiery Tease: Stockings Over Seamed Pantyhose

**Note: Shortened GIF and screencaps above treat you to a low-res teaser; Extended GIF and Full Clip at clips4sale.com/36032. Download the full scene for an HD quality virtual experience. 

On SALE for $10.99 for a limited time! Clip contains: Stockings, Seamed Pantyhose, Corset, Hourglass, Garter & Stockings, Tightlaced, Closeups, Hosiery, Legs, Calves, Calf Fetish, Stocking Feet, High Heels, Dangling, Pointed Toes, High Arches, Curves, Curvy, Big Tits, Big Butt, Butt Shaking, Dancing, Redhead, Ludella Hahn, NO NUDITY

"A little birdie told me you liked my legs in hosiery, so I'm going to make this double the fun with a pair of silky stockings over seamed hose and show off my legs, stocking feet, and curves to you in different positions. Watch me tease you while I slide my smooth legs together, back and forth, letting my high heels dangle, rocking back and forth before I finally let them drop and dance around in my stocking feet. I'm going to seduce you with my stockings and hose. Come play with me."

*This was a CUSTOM video commission. Create your own customized video! Details on my CUSTOMS page.

This clip is available in multiple formats and resolutions:
MP4 HD 1280x720 - MOV HD 1280x720 - WMV HD 1280x720 - MP4 426x240

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<![CDATA[Soda Fountain Gal]]>Sun, 12 Apr 2015 23:26:59 GMThttp://ludellahahnfetish.com/blog/soda-fountain-gal
Just a couple of sneak peeks from this pinup set I shot at Old Sled Works with Evan Smith Photography. Enjoy! 

Be sure to take a peek at my latest videos at Clips4Sale.com/36032 for all sorts of fetish fun! 

<![CDATA[Clip Update: Oops! I Brainwashed Myself! ]]>Mon, 30 Mar 2015 15:00:42 GMThttp://ludellahahnfetish.com/blog/clip-updateoops-i-brainwashed-myselfOops! I Brainwashed Myself! 
On SALE for just $16.99 for a Limited Time! 

Clip Includes: POV, Magic Control, Woman Following Orders, Female Training, Brainwashing, Reprogramming, Tit Play, Sexy Dancing, Ass Shaking, Erotic Magic, Erotic Dancing, Real Doll, Transformation, Nerdy Girl, Bitch to Bimbo, Ludella Hahn, Contains NUDITY
**Note: Shortened GIF and screencaps above treat you to low-res teasers; Longer GIF and Full Clip at clips4sale.com/36032. Download the full scene for an HD quality virtual experience. 

Ludella plays a nerdy feminist who has been paired with a sleazeball for a group assignment at school. She shows up at his house, already hating that she has to work with him, but gets extra peeved when he just keeps making sexist remarks about her BIG TITS under her sweater. She decides that she needs to teach him to get in touch with his more feminine side and decides she'll try to h.ypn0tize him with her necklace. She tells him it's for another assignment and asks if she can try it on him, but he thinks it's stupid and says no. She tries to bargain with him offering to do the whole assignment herself and give him credit. He says he wants to see her tits, too. She begrudgingly agrees. Unfortunately she has no experience and ends up putting herself into a trance instead. She stands with her eyes wide and blank and arms out in front of her. He waves in front of her face and she doesn't blink. Then he asks what's going on, and she truthfully tells him what she was trying to do. He gets pissed and decides to take advantage of the situation with her in the trance. He tells her that when she wakes her body will obey all his commands. Then he snaps his fingers. She has no idea what happened. He tells her to play with her tits. "Why would I ever...GASP! What's happening? Why are my hands doing this? Make it stop!" She can't control her hands as they play with her big tits in her sweater. Then he has her show off her butt and spank herself for him. She keeps obeying all of his commands even though she tries not to. "I've never heard of it backfiring! This is so humiliating..." He has her pull up her sweater and play with her tits, then take off her glasses and strip down to her panties. She does a striptease against her wishes. He has her crawl around for his amusement. And finally reminds her of the other part of the deal...doing the assignment herslef. "That was if you were entranced! This wasn't supposed to happen this way!" He makes her do the whole assignment while wiggling her butt back and forth in the doggystyle position. After watching for a while, he leaves to play videogames. She's pissed, but can't disobey. He orders her to crawl into his room and put on a maid outfit he prepared. The scene reopens with her entering the room in a sexy maid's outfit with corset, stockings, and NO PANTIES. She is bringing him a sandwich...and is being snooty about it because she's pissed. He makes her shake her ass and do a sexy dance for him. She can't make it stop. She keeps shaking her butt. Then he has her clean the room with plenty of bending over and shaking her butt. "This isn't the real world! Maids don't clean this way..." She's pissed that she was trying to make him less of a pervert and because of it backfiring, she's just enabled him to be worse. He has her crawl around she he can be plenty of angles of her curvy body, and even though he's ordered her to gag herself with her feather duster, she continues to complain about how degrading this all is. He gets sick of her yapping and puts her back into a trance. As soon as he snaps his fingers her expression changes from angry to blank and wide-eyed with arms out in front. He has the new entranced Ludella walk around for him in the zombie style and refer to him as Master. "Yes, Master. I hear and I obey." He has her continue to clean in the way that he likes, with plenty of ass shaking. He then has her crawl around for a while and then crawl to him so he can try his hand at the brainwashing and reprogram her personality into something more appealing. When he's done, she's been transformed into a complete SEX BIMBO. And she's so horny. The idea of pleasing him gets her so hot. She says she can't believe she's still a virgin because of how horny she is. She poses for some sexy photos for him to send to all his friends, and showing off her body, says she'll do everything to please him. Then she goes to the bedroom to wait for him butt naked.

*This was a CUSTOM video commission. Create your own custom video clip by filling out the form HERE

This clip is available in multiple formats and resolutions:
MP4 HD 1280x720 - MOV HD 1280x720 - WMV HD 1280x720 - MP4 426x240 

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<![CDATA[Pulp Queens & Tease]]>Thu, 12 Mar 2015 03:15:45 GMThttp://ludellahahnfetish.com/blog/pulp-queens-teaseOh, hello! It's been almost a month since my last post. Oops! I have quite a few announcements, too. 

First up: publications
I have had the privilege of being the model for the first issue of Retro Lovely's new pulp publication "Pulp Queens." One of the reasons this is so exciting to me is that I was asked to write the story to accompany the photoset within. For those of you who don't know, my "minor" in college was creative writing. (They did not offer it as a major, so I majored in Classical Humanities and took creative writing as my minor.) I started modeling while still in school, made it my full-time career after graduating and have been doing that since, so when it comes to writing, I'm out of practice. Though I had never written a complete short story before, I agreed to do it when the publisher asked. Why? Because of the challenge. I thought it would be perfect motivation to get me back on the saddle of the written word, and I function best under pressure (hence why I overfill my schedule on a daily basis, though it eventually pays its toll and I'll end up sick). Growing up, my mom always told me I had to stop burning the candle at both ends, but it's the only way I know how to function. So, anyway, that's why I accepted, and that's why I'm so excited to announce my involvement in the first issue of Pulp Queens: Murder by Sock Garters and Sausages.
This issue has already gone to print and will be available soon. You can pre-order a signed copy in MY SHOP. There are 32 pages of images and a pulp fiction short by yours truly. :) This currently hold the record as the most pages you can find of me in a magazine, withe the second highest being 24 pages in my cover issue of Retro Lovely's Taboo Edition issue 6 (also available in my shop).

Another magazine I've had the opportunity to work with is available for shipment as well: the latest issue of Tease and Cake Magazine with a 4 page feature/interview on my fetish productions. Tease and Cake is a retro erotica magazine based in the UK. I shot a cover feature for them back in 2013 & they also used me for the cover of their 2014 calendar. My cover issue sold out, so snag up this issue while you can! You can purchase it at Teaseandcake.co.uk/purchase.html
And there are still more projects in the works of course, though I'm wondering how I have time for it all, and time is certainly flying by. I can't believe it's almost April already, which means it's almost my birthday. I haven't even thought of what I want to do for my birthday this year. Last year I did a murder mystery weekend in Vermont. I wanted to do a ski trip in NH this month as an early celebration, but our renovations have taken over the month. I'm quite excited about that though, as some of you might know, I had to move my whole wardrobe room into the basement at the end of December in order for us to have our 2nd floor redone, and it's been very stressful for me to search through piles of boxes anytime I need a costume or certain prop for my shoots. We originally thought we'd have it finished by the end of Feb, but the blizzard and big snowfall this winter pushed many things behind. BUT...now we have dates scheduled! Insulation is being done Friday. The beams for our newly cathedraled ceiling will be put up this weekend, windows after that. and then the following weekend the drywall will start getting installed, which will take a week. Then we just need to worry about painting and redoing the floors. :) So...pending on when floors can get scheduled, we should finally have our 2nd floor back by the end of April. So excited!

Here I am blabbering on about home improvements... 

In other news, I will be attending San Diego Comic Con this year with my friend Minnie d'Moocha, and I have been hard at work on a bunch of new cosplays for that, which I can't wait to share some photos of. :)

I will also be a Featured Cosplay Guest at Hartford Comic Con in September, so for you Northeasterners who cannot make it to Florida to meet me as a Guest of Honor at FetishCon, be sure to get tix to HCC so you can meet me at my table there! :)

Keep an eye on my schedule and blog for more announcements soon! 

Thank you all so much!


P.S. (Updated) 
I don't want to post about my studio ranking on Clips4Sale much as I don't want to come off braggy, but I'm too excited right now...as today I hit my highest rank on the front page: #26! :) Check out my store at Clips4Sale.com/36032 for lots of fetish fun. 
<![CDATA[Happy Valentines!]]>Sun, 15 Feb 2015 23:20:15 GMThttp://ludellahahnfetish.com/blog/happy-valentinesI'm very excited about the collaborations I have with my lingerie sponsor What Katie Did lingerie. Here's a little set I shot in their Rita lingerie set for Valentine's Day as a Valentine treat for my fans. Thank you so much for supporting my work by purchasing my signed magazines/prints in my SHOP and my fetish videos at Clips4Sale.com/36032 and Clips4Sale.com/22364. XOXO!

Get this lingerie set and more beautifully crafted garments at www.WhatKatieDid.com

Hope you enjoyed this weekend! 

Curves and Kisses,
Ludella Hahn